HR LAB Consulting is a team of like-minded professionals in human resource management. We have been working in this field for many years and we know the main problems that commercial and non-profit organizations face in personnel management. We are convinced that people are the most valuable and important resources in an organization. кто мы hr lab

Over the past decade, we have seen different problems in HR management: incorrect personnel motivation systems, lack of integration procedures for new joiners, ineffective mentoring models, difficulties in recruitment, inadequate corporate culture, etc. All these problems can be reduced to one global problem concerning two parties – employers and employees. On the one hand, employers are dissatisfied with the competencies of employees and the degree of their involvement in the work, but at the same time employers cannot attract, develop, motivate, and retain the necessary human talent. On the other hand, employees suffer from dissatisfaction with their work and even from the inability to fully realize themselves in their workplace. We call it the underutilization of human potential with its apparent deficit. Therefore, we see our mission in revealing the best in people, helping our clients to use human talent for the benefit of all. And so that employees do it consciously and with enthusiasm. If you share our views, we are here to help you!